Dadri Lynching, Cow Slaughter and Idea of Monolithic India

Newsclick interviewed Human Rights Activist Gautam Navlakha on lynching of Akhlaq over alleged consumption of beef in Dadri near Delhi. Gautam also discussed about the idea of beef ban, cow slaughter and its legality. He believes that the lynching by mob over a mere suspicion is nothing but an inhumane incident which is linked with the larger ideological aim of pushing agenda of Hindutva. He emphasized on the fact that a small call be a temple priest led to mobilization of more than 1000 people shows that it was a pre-planned incident. He also explained that it is result of multiple activities of RSS and its ally organizations which have been trying to vitiate society. Commenting on the legal sanctity, Gautam quoted from Article 48 of the Directives of the State Policy and explained about the provision of cow slaughter. Explaining the history of cow slaughter, Gautam explained that it has more to do with economic means of farmers and not religious angle as being propagated by BJP and its leadership.