Title : 2015, Modi 300 days - Documenting Hate and Communal Violence under the Modi Regime
John Dayal
Saturday 21st March 2015 Asia/Kolkata
John Dayal
The report surveys the initial impact of the Modi regime on the people of the country. It reports a growing intolerance in the nation, perpetuated by the Sangh Parivar.  There has been a relentless fore grounding of communal identities, a ceaseless attempt to create a divide between ‘us’ and ‘them’. The BJP leaders continue to abuse, ridicule and threaten minorities. Hate statements by Union and state ministers, threats by Members of Parliament, state politicians, and cadres in saffron caps or Khaki shorts resonate through the landscape. But most cases go unreported, unrecorded by police. The report analyses cases of intolerance, which include 43 deaths in over 600 cases of violence, 149 targeting Christians and the rest Muslims, have taken place in 2014 in India till March this year, marking 300 days of the National Development Alliance government of Mr. Narendra Modi.

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