Title : 2012- Kerala, When the Wheels of Fascism Run
P Jayarajan
Saturday 31st March 2012 Asia/Kolkata
Chintha Publisher
This book, written by a member of the Communist Party is a brief account of the rise and fall of the RSS in Kerala. The book traces the multi-faceted approach of physical violence and an ideological offensive which the organisation used to make in-roads into a largely Communist dominated voter base. The book also traces the change in the approach of the Communist party which involved greater solidarity with Muslims, Christians and Dalits in a unified attempt to repel the repeated attacks of the proponents of cultural nationalism.
RSS and the Roots of Facism- 21
Methods used in Kerala- 35
Role of the RSS and Sangh Parivar in Kerala Politics- 62
Resistance of Locals- 75
Infiltration through Caste- 80
Violent methods- 85