Human Rights Questions and Answers

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10: 81-237-2500-0
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Tuesday 2nd June 1998 Asia/Kolkata
Leah Levin
The first edition of Human Rights: Questions and Answers, was published by UNESCO in 1981 and translated into many languages. It was then substantially redrafted and updated by taking into account recent developments in the field of human rights. This Indian edition, like the new UNESCO publication, provides basic information on major human rights instruments, procedures for their implementation and activities of international organizations in order to promote and protect human rights. The publication represents a contribution to the realization of the Plan of Action for the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education (1995-2004). The book is published in the hope that it will be useful to students and teachers and to all those who are involved or interested in the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Unknown, 150 Pages, Published 2002
ISBN-10: 81-237-2500-0        / 8123725000
ISBN-13: 978-81-237-2500-0 / 9788123725000
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