Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

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Friday 5th July 2002 Asia/Kolkata
Vasant Moon
The book endeavours to bring to light the multifaceted personality of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, who is generally perceived to be only as the leader of the depressed classes. Giving a comprehensive account of the trials and tribulations of this great son of soil, the book reveals to the reader the humanist, economist, socio-political scientist, constitutional expert, socio-religious reformer and above all a great patriot called Ambedkar.  Originally written in Marathi, it is now likely to meet the demands of the greater segment of readership.
Vasant Moon, a keen student of the Dalit movement, was a senior administrative officer in Govt of Maharashtra working as Secretary of the Committee for compiling multi-volume Select Writings and Speeches of B R Ambedkar. He translated many of Ambedkar’s books from Marathi to English and wrote extensively on Dalit issues.
Publisher : National Book Trust, India
ISBN: 81-237-3860-9
Published : 2002
Language: English