Summary: Synopsis
Author: Ziba Mir-Hosseini (Editor), Author: Mulki Al-Sharmani (Editor), Author: Jana Rumminger (Editor)
Summary: In Arab countries, openly declaring a disbelief in God is a shocking and sometimes dangerous thing to do. Many have been imprisoned for it, some have been forced into exile and others threatened with execution.

Author: Brian Whitaker
Summary: 216 pp / PB
Rs 250
First edition, 2015
ISBN-10: 81-7221-067-1
ISBN-13: 978-81-7221-067-0
Author: By Shamsul-Islam
Summary: The victory of fascism in Europe between the wars was an incalculable human catastrophe.
Author: Jairus Banaji
Summary: In December of 1992 Hindu religious extremists from right wing political groups in India stormed a protected 16th century Mosque in North India and demolished it. This provoked nation wide inter-religious conflict between the Hindu and Muslim communities in India.
Author: Citizens' Tribunal of Ayodhya
Summary: ISBN: 978-81-86219-95-9
Pages: 146
Price: 100/-
Edition: 2009
Publisher: SAHMAT
Language - Hindi
Author: Rajendra Sharma
Summary: The author explores the rich world of everyday talk—in families, with children, between friends, at the work place—and shows the significance of this domain of social activity for an understanding of culture.
Published Year - 2004
235 pages - Preview

Language - English
Author: Nandita Chaudhary
Summary: Summary The Revolt of 1857 is being increasingly recognized
as one of the major events of the nineteenth century,
a turning point in the history of imperialism.

Language - English
Author: Shireen Moosvi