SC Acquitted me but for Gujarat Police I am still a Criminal: Mufti Abdul Qayyum Mansuri

September 23, 2016
Acquitted but still a Criminal for the Crime Branch, It is Time for Dignified Rehabilitation Policy asserts Mufti Abdul Qayyum Mansuri

It is the State that Wrongfully Confined Us, it is the State that Must Fairly Rehabilitate Us: Mufti Abdul Qayyum Mansuri
Daag Aapne Hi Lagaya, Aap ki Zimmedari Ki AAp Daag Dho Den: Mufti Abdul Qayyum Mansuri
Mufti Abdul Qayyum Mansuri in this interview with Teesta Setalvad of Communalism Combat makes a strong plea for a National Policy for the Dignified Rehabilitation of Victims Made False Accused in Cases of Terror
How will I get my dead father back, what of the lost childhood of my children, will the state bring this back?: Mufti Mansuri
Before and after May 16, 2014 I have involved myself in social work, for the poor and marginalised where religion is no bar: Mufti Mansuri
This year on August 15, 2016 madrassah children in Ahmedabad proudly celebrated Independence Day and also participated in a History exhibition that showcased  Muslim participation in India’s struggle for freedom: Mufti Mansuri
PI Yadav and PI Jadeja of the Ahmedabad Crime Branch still shadow me and say despite the Supreme Court’s acquittal on May 16, 2014 he (Mufti Abdul Qayyum) is still a criminal: Mufti Mansuri
Even today, two years after the Acquittal, DGP PP Pandey who himself has been charge sheeted for serious crimes, refuses even now to meet me for a simple application that we give for Eid Ul Azha (Bakri Eid): where we engage with the police for permission to continue with the slaughter of legally approved animals: Mufti Mansuri
Even today the writ of senior former cop DG Vanzara runs high in the Gujarat police. When my book, Gyarah Saal Sarakhon Ke Peeche was to be released his niece who is a serving officer simply did not allow the function to take place: Mufti Mansuri