From farm labourer to erudite defence counsel to public prosecutor to High Court Judge BG Kolse Patil, today a mass leader speaks to Teesta Setalvad

From farm labourer to erudite defence counsel to public prosecutor to High Court Judge BG Kolse Patil, today a mass leader speaks to Teesta Setalvad, of upper caste bias in the highest echelons of the institutions of Indian democracy, the need for a monitoring of the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) that are tamperable and the divisive charecteristics of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) and Hindutva organisations.
Justice Kolse Patil in conversation with Teesta Setalvad (Part 1)

Justice Kolse Patil in conversation with Teesta Setalvad (Part 2)

Jutice Kolse Patil who left the exalted chair of a judge from the Bombay high court in 1990 to work among the people is committed to free this country from the cannibal capitalists and thereby achieve complete independent from the evil forces. He is a man of great strength and vision. He completed his schooling in Ahmednagar and then transferred to the Poona Law College where he completed his LLB.

Justice Kolse Patil specialized in criminal law. He was District Government Pleader and Public Prosecutor in Poona from 1980 to 1985. From 1985 to 90 he served as a Judge of the High Court. In 1990 he resigned from the High Court to serve social causes on a full time basis. He does not believe in being out of touch with people. Instead he travels around the country to uplift the downtrodden masses of the nation. He is a man of the people. Indians have great admiration for him. He truly believed that he could not rest until the last unfortunate human being has been helped. His personal desire for freedom from Capitalism and Brahmanism has restored a sense of pride among farmers, Dalits and minorities. He believes the exploitation and domination of one community over another can have no place in a multicultural and multilingual country.

He exhorts Muslims to come out of an illusionary world. The former judge attacks the well-entrenched Brahminism in India. He is not against any religion or its practices, he says: "When I say Brahmins I mean the mentality which has ruled this country for years. You have Brahmins among Muslims too. They don't want the underprivileged to get their fair share in the economy, he says.

He unearthed the Hindu terrorists plans in Nanded and Malegaon. He was accompanied with the rights activists Teesta Setalvad, Arvind Deshmukh and others.

About Muslim Terrorism, he says Its complete injustice to one community, because whenever you catch any Muslim youth without any proof you start calling him terrorist but in the case of Hindutva militants BJP and other saffron fundamentalists openly support them despite the proof of their involvement in the bomb blasts in Nanded, Malegaon and other places. Also, he says covering up the incidents points to the deeper conspiracy.

He says, Hindutva militants justify their terrorist activities with the help of the saffron press. They always accuse the government is anti-Hindu. Muslims killed in Gujarat, Sikhs killed in Delhi, Christian killed in Orrisa, is this anti-Hindu government? If it would be anti-Hindu government, then these acts would not have been perpetrated. In fact it is an anti-Minority government. Instead of implementing Sri Krishna Commission the government is diverting the attention of minorities by Sachar Commision. If the secular government is really serious to bring the goons of 1993 riots to the book, why the

implementation of the Sri Krishna commission is being delayed. He says, we can never believe BJP as it is controlled by RSS who have the honor of killing Gandhi.