“Censorship outside of the Censor Board is the problem in Maharashtra”: Rajeev Naik

February 16, 2017
Indian Cultural Forum (ICF) interviews the Marathi playwright and short story writer Rajeev Naik, the author of eleven plays ad five translations, as well as a short story writer, speaks to Souradeep Roy on the sidelines of a theatre festival organised by Ebong Amra, at Satkhunia, in the Burdwan district of West Bengal. In the first half of the interview, he recounts the protest led by several writers from Maharastra who returned their state Sahitya Akademi awards in 2015.


In the second part of the interview he discusses the censorship law in Maharashtra; the paucity of translations among Indian languages apart from English; and contemporary writing in Marathi. He says that the Marathi short story is the most exciting form in the Marathi language now.

Courtesy: Indian Cultural Forum