Debating the Right to Privacy

  • In lieu of the privacy debate surrounding Aadhar, an overview of the public battles surrounding privacy in India.
    Indian Express/Maneesh Chhibber
  • Privacy is not an elitist concern, it's a way of ensuring equality. Highlighting the privacy drawbacks and concerns about the Aadhar project.
    Scroll/Malavika Jayaram
  • A response to the Attorney-General's comment dismissing the right to privacy as a fundamental one in the constitution.
    The Wire/ Gautam Bhatia
  • The DNA profiling bill and its drawbacks. Experts believe that the bill could lead to a large scale violation of Human Rights.
    The Hindu/ Nikhila Henry, Rahul Devulapalli
  • The Human DNA Profiling Bill which the Narendra Modi government wants to pass in the current session of Parliament is one of the most intrusive enactments of its kind anywhere in the world.
    The Wire/ Vasudevan Mukunth
  • Aadhar - Concerns over privacy, accuracy and data security in the much hyped project that lacks lacks any legislative or legal basis need to be addressed.
    Scroll/ Rajeev Chandrasekhar
  • The dispute surrounding the Aadhar card and its use in Welfare schemes at the cost of an Individual's right to privacy was referred to a constitutional bench by the Supreme Court.
    The Hindu/ Krishnadas Rajagopal
  • Why backers of the Aadhar programme are wrong to suggest that Privacy rights can be voluntarily waived.
    The Wire/ Jhuma Sen