Run Amina Run

Written by Ashok Gupta | Published on: May 1, 2009
In memory of the 2,000 men, women and children killed in the state-led genocide in Gujarat in 2002 and the 2,00,000 who lost their homes and dignity.

The dead are never at rest, especially at night
Sometimes I hear him moving upstairs
bolting doors, moving furniture
against the doors to make a barricade
I cannot sleep
Other days there is a heavy silence
Orange silence with only a crackling sound
and an acrid smell
Suddenly he cries out aloud

Run Amina Run!

I tell him that the crowds have gone
years ago
I no longer hurt
and he is dead
but he keeps screaming
They are coming!

Run Amina Run!


Archived from Communalism Combat,  May 2009.Year 15, No.140 - Voices