The Citizenry Test : AMU Students Union to organise a convention on Assam NRC

Published on: April 6, 2019

The AMU Students’ Union is organizing a convention on the same under the theme title –    “  The Citizenry Test : National Register of Citizen and the Citizenship Amendment Bill,2016 with the aim to  educate and expose the students to the multiple aspects of this issue.

The national register subsumes the name of all Indian citizens. Only at once instance has an NRC been ever prepared, in 1951. The 1951 NRC was updated from last 2014 for Assam which had a long standing foreigner problem, to weed out illegal immigrants and deter further influx.
But since the draft publication many genuine Indian names were excluded showing sheer negligence of the NRC authority. It is notoriously noteworthy that the list excludes the names of the family members of ex-President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed.
t is a fact that the lakhs of illegal immigrants have to be deported as per the NRC and the Assam Accord of 1985. Hence the government proposed a bill to safeguard these immigrants who are mostly minorities from India’s neighbouring countries with the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which however seems to be communal in nature, which is against the very spirit of our democracy.
The Convention will be the very first of its sort in the University boasting an exquisite palette of eminent experts like Prof Faizan Mustafa, who is a renowned jurist and the current Vice-Chancellor of NALSAR, Hyderabad. He is also the ex-Dean of AMU’s Law Department. Senior Advocate at the Guwahati High Court, Hafiz Rashid Choudhury will also be taking a panel. Other experts of the issue who have surveyed actively like Syed Azharuddin, human rights lawyer Aman Wadud, and K M Baharul Islam who is a public policy expert.
The approaching elections make it mandatory  for understanding the political standpoints of the current government regarding the NRC hence all students are expected to gather and participate in this convention.
The convention in on 6th April at 11.30 am at Kennedy Auditorium.

Courtesy: Two Circle