‘50 wives, 1050 children, animalistic tendency’: BJP MLA Surendra Singh defames Muslims

Written by Sabrangindia | Published on: July 15, 2019

Ballia: In yet another communal remark, BJP MLA from Ballia, Surendra Singh has said that Muslims who have many wives and children in large numbers have an “animalistic tendency.”

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As reported in the ANI, Singh was reported saying on Sunday, “In the Muslim religion, you know that people keep 50 wives and give birth to 1050 children. This is not a tradition but an animalistic tendency. In society, giving birth to only two to four children is normal.”

Singh is infamous for his communal, misogynist and hateful remarks and has sparked multiple controversies in the past. To date there is no rebuke from higher echelons of the party to which he belongs nor those in the Uttar Pradesh government. In fact, the UP chief minister, Yogi Adityanath is also well known for his controversial and hate-filled remarks against the minorities.

On media reports of the induction of popular Haryanvi actress and dancer Sapna Singh to the Congress, Singh had said, “Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s mother (Sonia Gandhi) was in the same profession when she was in Italy. The way your (Rahul Gandhi’s) father started a family with Sonia ji, you should also start a family with SapnaChaudhary. The best thing is that both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will be from the same dancing profession).”

The MLA had even defended Unnao rape accused, BJP MLA from Unnao, Kuldip Singh Sengar last year. He said, “I am speaking from psychological point of view; no one can rape a mother of three children. It is not possible; this is a conspiracy against him (Kuldeep Singh Sengar).” Within months he made another controversial statement saying that every Hindu couple should have at least five children in order to make “Bharat mazboot (strong).” In June, 2018, he also said that prostitutes are better than government officials, as they at least “work” after charging money. Singh said, “Prostitutes are better than government officials; at least they take money and do their work and also dance on the stage. But these officials, even after taking money, don't do their work. There is no guarantee that the work will be done.”

In yet another baleful attack on the Muslims during the 2019 election season, Singh had said, “Chanting VandeMatram may be an emotion. But if you are living in India, then VandeMatram is a must. It is in Sanskrit and can be translated into Urdu too. Those who do not want to chant it by heart have no right to live in India. If it is in my hand, I would send such people to Pakistan within one week after making their passports.”

Singh’s recent comments garnered many laughs. In the current times, when minorities are living in a precarious condition, Singh’s incessant hateful conduct calls for a stringent action from the party leadership.

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